Hi, my name is Ben, and I’m a photographer who adores capturing once in a lifetime memories. I was Born & raised in Staffordshire, I attended Bangor University & lived throughout the North West from Staffordshire to Wales all my adult life, I’ve lived half my life at each location. I absolutely love the landscapes, capturing the natural beauty from the Peak District to Snowdonia.

I began photography around the young age of 12 years & I have been obsessed ever since !, I’m trying to pretend I’m not in my late 30’s haha!

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to make my full time living from this, specialising in weddings, portraiture & commercial photography. I have also been shooting videography for several years.

I’m just as happy taking natural photos as I am taking arranged or group shots - while some photographers shoot candid only or posed only - I feel as a professional photographer I can adapt to whatever my clients prefer.

When I'm not taking photos I'm often out in nature walking my dog and enjoying the natural world.I love nothing more than exploring the wilderness & absorbing the energy you find there. My camper van takes me on these journeys, whilst not a conventional runabout, I'm lucky enough not to have to commute every day which is perfect for me & it also provides me with a brilliant platform to ply my trade from.

I have recently rediscovered a love for landscape photography therefore when I'm not taking pictures of all the lovely people I meet in my work, I have been doing this more and more. I have shot occasional landscapes over the years but never given the full attention to it as I am now.

If you wish to know more, drop me an email/msg or phone me on: +44 07912068631

I look forward to chatting with you soon.

My interests in summary:

Photography  ✅
Nature ⛰  ✅
Reading/Art/Films/Conversation ✅
Dining out ✅
Camper van trips ✅
Climbing ‍ ✅
Hiking ‍✅
Dogs ✅
Scifi/gaming/Netflix ✅
Plant powered & environmentally conscious ✅


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