Hi, I’m Ben, a wedding photographer who adores capturing once in a lifetime memories. Born & raised in Staffordshire, I attended Bangor University & lived throughout the North West from Staffordshire to Wales all my adult life,  I absolutely love these area’s & love the natural landscapes from the Peak District to Snowdonia. 

I began photography around age 12 & have been obsessed ever since ! (I’m trying to pretend I’m not in my late 30’s! Lol), but I feel incredibly lucky to be able to make my full time living from this, I specialise in weddings, portraiture, family & commercial photography. I have also been shooting videography for several years.

My main thoughts with wedding photos is its YOUR wedding day, I always chat to my couples prior to their wedding day & of course, you take the lead with how you want your day to go, or if you just want me to get on with the photos & you not have to think about it - either way is not a problem with me :) 

I’m just as happy taking natural photos as I am taking arranged or group shots - while some photographers shoot candid only or posed only - I feel as a professional photographer I can adapt to whatever vibe I get from my clients.

I am well experienced in any & every type of wedding, at any venue, in any type of lighting - I love getting creative ! I’m often doing some random photo yoga getting into all shapes & positions to get the camera where it needs to be for that perfect shot!

If you wish to know more, absolutely drop me an email/msg or phone me on 07912068631

I look forward to chatting with you soon.

My interests in summary:

Photography  ✅
Nature ⛰  ✅
Reading/Art/Films/Conversation ✅
Dining out ✅
Camper van trips ✅
Climbing ‍ ✅
Hiking ‍✅
Dogs ✅
Scifi/gaming/Netflix ✅
Plant powered & environmentally conscious ✅


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