Business Products



Creating the right image for your business is essential in our connected age. Ben Walker photography offers professional reliable photography and videography services to present your business in the best possible light.

I offer straight forward image advice with simple categories of choice depending on your business needs.

These photos can be used to show your customers and clients how you run your business, create great looking social media pages and web pages and present you and your business in the most professional manner.

Small Business 

  • Small / Developing businesses only
  • 30 Images of your business premises/products for promotional needs
  • Up to 5 staff profile pictures

Product Photography

  • Up to 500 small products photographed under professional lighting equipment for the best sales images
  • Full range of image resolutions provided for your needs, from huge 22mp original images to thumbnail images for your website or sales sites

Business Pack

  • 200 edited photos of one business / one business address on one day
  • One premises, services and staff photographed on site 

Large business Photos

  • Complete business pack combining all photos for your entire business - UNLIMITED PHOTOS
  • Two business sites over 2 days per site shooting permitted
  • Detailed professional image advice on incorporation of images into PR materials
  • Full unlimited license on images

Videography Pack

  • Up to 5-7 minutes video of one business / one business address
  • All premises, services and staff videoed both on the work site and with customers or in the work place
  • Professionally edited promotional video fitting to your requirements

Large business Video

  • Up to 20 min promo video
  • Two business sites over 2 days per site shooting permitted
  • Full unlimited license on video