Photography tutorial services

Ben Walker Photography now offers a range of tutorial services, from 1-1 classes to small groups. While there are countless resources available to learn online or from books, my courses are designed for me to work with the student, to rapidly understand their current knowledge and immediately be able to guide my student to learn as much possible. While 'static' learning resources are invaluable, nothing is as good as directly learning skills from an instructor with years of knowledge & experience to impart in the time available

Price List

1-1 Beginners Photography tutorial - £95 - 2 hours

Aimed at beginners who have little or no knowledge of photography but would like to learn all the fundamentals required to understand the photographic image. Course includes overview of basic photographic 'rules', technical terminology (ISO, Aperture, shutter, DOF etc), 'the photographic image' & basic editing overview. Includes discussion & practical demonstrations with cameras.

1 -1 Advanced Photography tutorial - £165 - 3 hours

You already know your ISO's from your Aperture's & basic rules of imaging, but your looking to expand your knowledge further with everything from practical use of external lighting & flash techniques to mastering artistic techniques with depth of field or shutter speed manipulations, to bring the images in your mind to life 'on film'. Further specific genres of photography can be discussed on a 1 - 1 basis, & locations discussed on booking - if you want to master landscapes or portraiture all options are available on request. 

Half Day Classes

Complete Beginners Photography - Max 5/6 people per booking - £115 per person - 4 hours

A half day class in a small group (numbers kept to a minimum to ensure each student receives quality guidance) covering all the basics of the beginners 1-1 tutorial & more. The course is as follows:

1) Meet 1.5 hours to chat to the group, grab a coffee, cover all the basics of photography & basic camera guidance - how and why pro photographers work the way they do. Discussion of 'the photographic image' (WHY are some images amazing, why are some not?)
2) One hour practical on location near meeting venue - walk as a group to area of interest, use the cameras - experiment & get hands on practical experience with what was learned in section 1

3) Hour 3 - Editing - how to edit your images, how to change the look and feel of the captured image - processing & displaying your finished work

4) Final 30 mins is to cover questions & further information - advanced photography techniques & guidance on what to do next.